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Looking for Operation Manager

Due to real life commitments Dante Nokolovski, has resigned from the Operations Manager staff postion. We are opening applications for the new one. 


3500+ hours!!!

More than 3500 hours have you, our fantastic pilots, flown under AirMAK colors! CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Welcome Aboard

AirMAK management has the honor to welcome you to our first (FYR) Macedonia Virtual Airline! Our main vision is to simulate real (FYR) Macedonia air traffic in a new, refreshed look, along with passionate and determinied sim-pilots and ATC.

Creation of this national carrier highlightes a major task of our team to develop and spread out our Virtual Aviation on the VATSIM network world-wide. With some of the original destinations which MAT Airways once flew, and new ones added everyday, this VA outstands the potential of becoming the largest VA that will offer you wealth of flights in Europe and around the World.

Do not forget to check requirements for online (Vatsim) flying with our VA: Policy

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